Microvac Technologies Ltd. has commenced business in the second quarter of 2000 and is in its fast paced growth phase. The company is projected to earn profits after the last quarter of 2002 and intends to go for an IPO in the third quarter of the year 2003. The projected annual growth rate is in excess of 120%. In 2004 the gross profit is expected to exceed US$ 15 million.

The projected undertaken by our company have strong USP and have means of marinating a sustainable competitive advantage. Several new projects are in the pipeline and each one of them is an industry wide application service Internet implementation or a B2B or B2C solution with rich technology component at the core.

In our pre-IPO stage we need and invite induction of capital in the form of equity participation from venture capital funds or other sources.

Currently we are seeking investments to the tune of US$ 5 million.

Proposals are solicited. Please write to the CEO -- Basu Bhattacharya