Microvac Cybertech was setup in 1996 as a small scale venture with the primary objective of developing and acquiring know-how and operational expertise in areas related to the deployment of services and applications on the Internet. In 1996 when we started, the Internet penetration was very low in India and the infrastructure as well as the technology were in its infancy.

We believed that the Internet was soon destined to achieve a critical mass and eventually an explosive growth was inevitable. With this vision we continued to invest our time and money to acquire technological competence and leadership. A sustained courtship with technology, acquisition of Internet servers and related hardware, experimentation with network operating systems and protocols, development of Internet related software, etc has now placed us in a position where we can confidently claim to process a rich knowledge base and expertise in contemporary Internet technologies.

We have passed on our acquired knowledge to Microvac Technologies Ltd. and continue to experiment with new technologies. As a secondary function, Microvac Cytbertech also undertakes design, and hosting of third party corporate web sites.